Talent With Special Skills

SHM are firm believers that it is special skills that set our ‘gifted’ actors apart from the crowd.


As an expert personal management agency for television and film we spend time with each actor to understand their special skills and how these can be used to the maximum benefit in the creating of our ‘strategy’ for each individual concerned. We strive to visualise these special skills as this is what actors do for the audience and it is what casting directors want to see as opposed to a list of special skills acquired from the internet.

Period dramas invariably want to see horseback riding skills and we encourage our actors to create a short video of themselves in this arena, crime dramas illustrate the love of forensics and prosthetics and we would love our actors to showcase this, and action films look at gun handling and combat and we would want to see this in a video.

In this way as part of our ‘strategy’ we would then use the videos to enhance one’s skillset and approach the selected television and film producers in these genre. SHM are focused in ‘special skills’ as a way to illustrate our ‘gifted’ actors to the world of screen industry professionals and we believe in ‘going the extra mile’ in any way we can.


An ideal submission should include:

  • Photos
  • CV
  • Showreel
  • Spotlight
  • Social Media Links
  • Personal Website

Please send all email submissions to Sean: info@seanholmesmanagement.com