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SHM would like to congratulate Desmond Edwards for his role in Coronation Street playing hardman Jeremy Bremner…what a great performance…Well done Des…

Neil Harget has been cast in the Christmas Commercial “ Crisis UK ‘ being filmed in 30 degrees of heat….All the best Neil…what a super effort and hope you enjoyed it …

Amazing work Desmond Edwards for being cast in the feature film “Borderland”…..great work…can’t wait to see what is next !

SHM would like to wish Bryan Reynolds all the best in his latest casting on the acclaimed drama “The Bay” appearing as Joe Kirby…amazing …

Desmond Edwards is appearing in the Netflix feature film “Tehran” amazing work Des…

Mark Murphy has been featured in the number one selling newspaper in the UK for his scene with the lovely Sally in last weeks episodes of Coronation Street with the cliff hanger due this coming Monday….do not miss out ….

Click here to see article

SHM would like to congratulate Anisha Hathi for securing the latest Christmas Television Commercial for Sainsbury’s …. Well done Anisha …hope you love it ….

We would like to congratulate Julian Bird for being selected for the role of “grandfather’ in this Christmas television commercial series for Asda, well done Julian…

Glenn Maloney who has been cast in the latest Christmas television commercial for TK Maxx, well done Glenn!

The team at SHM would like to congratulate Dominic Weatherill for successfully winning the role of ‘Douglas’ in the upcoming film production of “London and Botswana”…..well done Dominic ….

Congratulations to Mark Murphy as he joins the cast at Coronation Street.

Wishing Kerri all the very best for her filming for Showtrial this coming weekend, Congratulations Kerri!

Lucia Caporaso in “Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroes”

Lucia Caporaso appeared on Italian Television Channel Rai Scuola, appearing as the leading lady Goneril in “Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroes” period drama in May of 2021. Congratulations Lucia.

Agency Group Zoom Session on Monday @ 6pm illustrating Casting Strategies and Diversity for 2021.

Another Welcome to more new Actors!

Welcome to our new actors who have just signed with the agency. Looking forward to an exceptional year to come! Great to have you on board:

  • Laura Breen
  • Richard Carter
  • Jen Cassidy
  • Corey Cox
  • Heather Grace – Denver
  • Yasmin Drake

the Team at SHM

Welcome to our new Actors!

Welcome to our new actors who have just signed with the agency. Looking forward to an exceptional year to come! Great to have you on board:

  • Christopher J Quagraine
  • Robyn Rae – Meyer
  • Salome Paulo
  • Katy Jordan
  • Leah Wallace
  • Hannah West

the Team at SHM


We are delighted to announce our brand new website launch on April 1st 2021. As we leave lockdown and begin a new era our vision will be enhanced through our media to not only support our amazing actors to the skies but to cement their careers in opening doors into television and film roles unimaginable.

SHM are delighted to be working exclusively with a top London Casting Director for our next workshop, this time online via Zoom! 

Creek Encounters starring Adam Probets

Adam will play a lead role in ‘Creek Encounters’ and will be playing the part of ‘Carlos Cooke’. Adam also rejoins us from ‘Morris’ where he also played the lead role of ‘Marcus’.

Agency Casting workshop

Sean Holmes Management are delighted to have the super talented Heather Basten to host our latest monthly casting workshop for the agency.

Adam appeared in Last Tango In Halifax and the show has been sold to the US.

The US premiere date is set for Last Tango in Halifax…20th September 2020???????? . Congratulations Adam, you’ll be airing in the states as Theo???? .

#SeanHolmesTalent #LastTangoInHalifax

Asleen Mauthoor joins Sean Holmes Management

Asleen joins Sean Holmes Management Limited from The Blake Mysteries in Australia on her Atlantic journey to new shores in the UK/LONDON.


Lucia is starring as Olivia, who struggles with addiction to violence, as the way for her to be loved, in Baggage Red, a compelling thriller about a young couple, apparently perfect, who are paying for the sins of their fathers.

Breaking news!!

Sean Holmes Management Limited launches bespoke internal casting workshops with leading television professionals for its artists …. commencing in February 2020…

Julian Bird appearing in Eastenders and The Tudor in leading roles

Our very talented Jilian Bird stars in leading roles in East Enders and The Tudors.

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