Mentorship and Development


WE believe ‘mentorship’ is crucial to the development of our actors in the agency.

We are a bespoke personal management talent agency for actors in television and film. Our goal when we sign a new ‘gifted’ actor is one of ‘mentorship’ and we discuss a strategy by way of an illustration in how we can develop each actor to reach their full potential and our objective is to understand the person within. To shake any inhibitions they may have and to look at why they want to be an actor, what motivates them, how we can work well together and do they have what it takes, in an ever increasing industry.

SHM spend time with each actor looking at what they should be doing on a day to day basis, advising on their presentation of their marketing materials, developing these in line with industry expectations and deciding the best way forward for each and every actor to reach their goals. We design an individual strategy for each actor and mentor them based upon their individual needs and it is our belief that in this way we will find the true actor from within to be able to reach out to the world of television and film casting externally and together, as a partnership, we will make their dreams a reality.

Message from our founder

“I want to carry on the family tradition of offering personal management to tremendous artists and developing their careers to heights they could never imagine”.




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